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Hey Crew,

What's going on in the life of coach?

Currently, I am completing my year-long Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification Master Course. What is it? A hands-on, practice-based, mentored program that covers both the art and the science of nutrition coaching at the elite level. It has brought a new perspective to how I approach my nutrition prescriptions and will allow me to dig deeper on why we should NOT just treat symptoms.

This month I attended the 10th Annual Prague School Course @ EXOS in Arizona. We had PTs, DCs, ATCs & strength coaches, those working with elite athletes & many working with chronic pain patients. It was a great learning experience that reinforced my core value what we do, "pursue a common goal while respecting our different approaches". I believe this ancient Chinese wisdom can help us stay humble & hungry. 

More coming, as you all know I complete at least 1 seminar, course or internship every month in order to develop my learnings and continue to provide the best product possible. The best way I know how to do that is to continue to push the envelope in educating myself. 

Lastly - PLEASE ensure you are ALL keeping open communication with me. Its very important as I want to connect with you all. Communication is something that I highly value so please make it a point to email, text, poke me in the gym. I will never turn down a coffee date. 

Thanks - Enjoy November.



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