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"Don't overthink things... paralysis by analysis... You're thinking too much, just do"

I agree. As someone who definitely has a tendency to overthink my workouts from time to time; psyching myself out way more than needed, this isn't terrible advice but it may not always be applicable. The more we learn about our own bodies through education, training and general body awareness, some injuries, aches and pains could be minimized or prevented all together. 
Last week I had the genius idea to stop wearing my Oly shoes cold turkey so I could be more versatile in the long run with my training.  I didn't want to be so dependent on the elevated heel that the olympic lifting shoe provides. In theory, this would have been a decent idea but I didn't factor in my lifetime of ankle injures that include a complete ankle reconstruction which dramatically limits my range of motion in my left ankle. Cold turkey was a bad idea and doing it in the middle of a programming cycle that has been done entirely with Oly shoes was pretty poor judgment on my end as well. 
This ill advised move resulted in a week of training that beat me up pretty good. I was experiencing pain in my left hip and shoulder almost immediately after my first workout in nanos only. I knew immediately what caused my issue but the damage had already been done so I was chasing that bad hip all week; having a difficult time getting my body to work the way it should have,  The training week was no more difficult than previous weeks in regards to volume and intensity but I wasn't feeling it - or rather, I was feeling it but in all the wrong ways. What I learned from this week though is pretty cool. My increased body awareness that I have gained from working with a coach that programs specifically to me allowed me to target the problem early on before it became an injury that sidelined me for 6 weeks or even longer. 
My Rx for the next 5 days: take my regularly scheduled training time to get some solid bodywork done. Visit my resident rolfer who knows me, my body and my injury history. Get good circulation and vitamin D.  Eat good food, drink tons of water and rest up. 
I had an off week in training but not a bad week at all. I learned a lot about where I am physically and taking 5 days off to deload will be exactly what I need. 
Here's a secret, 5 days off won't kill you. Understanding the "why" behind all that we do allows us to appreciate importance of listening to our body and not "powering though" everything. 

michele quigley
michele quigley


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