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"I've always wanted to go to Switzerland to see what the army does with those wee red knives"
Bill Connolly

Things I learned at CrossFit that I took with me on vacation:

Recently, I went on holiday to Switzerland to ski in Zermatt, home to the legendary Matterhorn.  Knowing it was difficult terrain at high altitudes, I trained hard to build the muscle I needed.  However, it was the technique that I learned from CrossFit KURA that helped my ski performance.  

For some time now, I've been focusing my muscle memory on strengthening my previously neglected gluteal muscles and hamstrings.  Commonly, during CrossFit work outs, it's emphasized to flex and tighten the glutes and abs, while avoiding painful tension on ones lumbar spine.  It's those same principles that I applied to skiing.  When taking on the heavy powder, or the endless moguls, I consciously focused on tightening my core, hamstring and gluteal muscles.  I found shortly after that I was better able to maintain my balance while moving through my slopes more efficiently.

On Swiss Cuisine

I'm a veterinarian.  Although I work primarily with dogs and cats, I spent a considerable amount of time at university learning about dairy farming and medicine.  It was at that time, we learned about how most dairy farms will take a mixture of their grass crops and place them in a silo.  It's in the silo that the bacteria die from an accumulation of their own metabolic waste.  This is then fed to the dairy animals, as a means to mass produce billions of gallons of milk.  That's what is in the milk you drink.

While in Switzerland earlier this week, I visited a Fromagerie, or cheese factory.  During the tour, it was emphasized that the cows are released on to vast pastures to allow consumption of fresh vegetation.  
When I eat dairy in the states, my body feels unwell.  But when I ate dairy in Switzerland 3 meals per day for 2 weeks, I didn't have that same lethargy.  I still felt healthy.  I still had energy.  I could still ski the moguls and not feel the food coma.  
I don't know the exact science between European and American dairy, but I can honestly say I felt the difference last month. 


Trip Highlight

When my Dad, who has been my ski instructor since I was 4 years old, noticed that I was able to handle the moguls better than before. Simply hearing him say he was impressed and proud. And to be a bit cocky, having some of the Swiss, Germans and French spectators say the same :)

Melissa Guitron
Melissa Guitron


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