15.2, those C2Bs, and the fact that your hands are still ripped...



We will always be honest with you. There are a million blogs out there giving advice, your coach will most likely regurgitate it to you, we won't. If you are looking for reliable information, go to the OPEX Blog they know their shit. 

And with that said here are a few suggestions you may not hear. 

Pregame - Scap health and hip mobility without MORE pull ups and OHS 
Set a plan - And stick to it!!! 
In the thick - No reps will fuck you up. Mentally and physically. Every rep for quality. 
Every rep will count. When you drop, take a breath and get back up. Don't walk away from bar. 
Schedule a massage. Post WOD body work is crucial. This is not a redo workout. Do the work and be done. Move on.
And our favorite two from last week...
Don't be a dick - Sorry... but true. So many athletes throw absolute tantrums after they are done with the workout because it didn't go as planned. Don't be that dick. Have fun... 
Call your mom - when you are done, call your mom and tell her how you did. Chances are, she'll be really proud of you regardless of your score and just be happy to hear from you. 

Now go forth and kick ass again this week... have fun.... and smile


Friendly Schedule Reminder:
If you are looking for a place to do the CrossFit Opens on Fridays...

Sorry, we can't help you! (Friday nights...have a life time for us at CF KURA)
But,  if you are in search of a gym we encourage you to join our friends over at Marvelous CrossFit in Burlingame. A great community of fun people to throw down with! They will be hosting the Opens at 6:30pm every Friday.

As for us, have extended our Saturday open gym hours, 9am-noon in partnership with our friends Advanced Performance for all those looking for a place to complete their open workout. 

Whether you are planning on participating or simply want to come support, our gym doors will be open, coffee will be brewing, a good morning is guaranteed.

michele quigley
michele quigley


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