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Looking for a place to do the CrossFit Opens on Fridays? While our door will not be opening we encourage you to join our friends over at Marvelous CrossFit in Burlingame, they will be hosting the Opens at 6:30pm every Friday. (More info)

As for us, we will be extending our Saturday open gym hours, 9am-noon in partnership with our friends Advanced Performance for all those looking for a place to complete their open workout.  

CrossFit KURA's Advice to this year's CrossFit Opens

They are finally here and we CrossFit KURA can't wait to watch two of the best square off tonight in the Open Announcement show! 

We have a few suggestions to our athletes and friends as the next five weeks begin. Be sure to set yourself up for success if you truly want to test your abilities and progress. A few ways to do that: 

  • Train at your peak training time - though Friday Night Lights is an action packed, energy filled environment that is fun to train in; it may not be your ideal training environment or time slot. If your ideal outcome is a solid performance, train accordingly. If your ideal outcome is to have a great time and train among friends; train accordingly. 
  • Preparation is the key to success - The Open workouts are MetCons. How often do you walk into an established, well run CrossFit gym and go straight into a MetCon? Never. Treat the Open as a training day in that sense and prep accordingly. 
  • Maintain your composure - As a self diagnosed anxiety ridden competitor; I can't emphasize enough to train in an environment that is conducive to your style of competition. If crowds and yelling give you anxiety, maybe the bigger events aren't for you. If you love the energy and fun that those crowds can bring, go for it; but be mindful of the adrenaline factor that could affect your performance. The late Stuart Scott would tell you to stay "as cool as the other side of the pillow." Find your Zen. 
  • Be realistic - Go into each workout with a plan, stick to it and be realistic with yourself on your abilities. For example, if you have never strung together 15 muscle ups, an open workout isn't the best time to believe it is going to happen. Roll with it and try to have fun. 
  • Don't be a dick - Sorry... but true. So many athletes throw absolute tantrums after they are done with the workout because it didn't go as planned. Don't be that dick. Have fun... 
  • Call your mom - when you are done, call your mom and tell her how you did. Chances are, she'll be really proud of you regardless of your score and just be happy to hear from you. 
Now go forth and kick ass... have fun.... and smile. 

michele quigley
michele quigley


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