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S:8, H:1, E:8, P:8
6:00 BCCA 
7:00 Protein Shake (25g)
9:00 1/2 cup turkey, 1/2 cup rice, 2 hb eggs
12:00 3/4C beef stew, 1/2 C rice, 4 asparagus, 1C mixed greens
6:00 4oz Salmon, 1/2C turkey, 1/2c, 1/2 avocado, 2t salsa
7:00 1/4 grape fruit
(25g) protein before bed

Two Food logs above, from a quick glance it is easy to start making assumptions on where these people are doing wrong. What YOU think needs to be changed. 

At CF Kura we believe in there is no one size fits all. These are two completely different athletes, with different goals, in different phases of their nutrition journeys. They are different ages, gender and on this week both cope with different life stressors.  Here's a snap shot of things we examine when determining what changes should be made to ones nutrition prescription:


  1. integrity of gut to absorb nutrients?
  2. food hygienic practices?
  3. food aversions/sensitivities/allergies?
  4. protein requirements for recovery, low stress with protein variation, protein quality?
  5. cultural significance – family history, cultural food selection, expectations from family lineage?
  6. food timing relative to circadian rhythm?

There are a few more, but the main point is to align what is most important per person that you feel is most important.

The only people that know this is the coach and the client, someone else with their bias and filters would just comment on lack of supplementation, gluten in diet, oats for carbs, etc….

It is very important to recognize that small changes last, simple ones build on the next change to come, and this creates success for a new relationship and direction of training.(OPEX)


Take Away: Athlete one has made major changes to get to the above, sugar craving have gone away, energy levels are consistent through out the day, coffee drinking down. Athlete two was overcoming a sickness, we are working on correction of food timing for this athlete. 

Point being neither one of these food logs should be mimicked, because they weren't created for YOU. They are both evolving prescriptions, improving through small sustainable changes. This is what results are made of. 



Melissa Guitron
Melissa Guitron


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